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Today was a tiring day as usual. I've started to realise that it might become very difficult for me to get the GSoC intern. Anyways,I've successfully implemented the co-efficient corelation algorithm. It was very important for the search engine project that I'm working on. The algorithm is used for a feature that would allow users to give images rather than search terms to search for stuff. Sounds interesting isnt it? The project really is a great medium to work around your skills. There is also another project going on in my college which is called the diorama.the aim is to combine two or more images of an object at different angles to create a 3D model. This is also done using openCV. I was introduced to openCv only last week. Now I'm really happy that I came to know about it. I also have another Embedded project that I've got to submit by next week. Planning to do something on the iPad. I read a few reviews on the iPad. They were pretty interesting. I think once a few features get addded to the iPad plus a few software updates including one for multi-tasking,iPad could become a phenomenon something what the iPhone was able to do in the market. I've also added a few of the designs that I've worked on for the dreamwidth project. Let me know of your suggestions please!!!

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