Hi Guys,
Last four days I had gone for an Industrial Visit!! That's why couldn't post anything here. I couldn't even edit my GSoC proposal because of this sudden visit.. That said, I don't think it will be easy for me to get the intern as I've been seeing a lot of other really good applications in the community... A lot of people have been suggesting android clients which could be useful in the long run after I heard that Google was partnering with Sony and Logitech for the so-called Google TV which again uses android... I've always loved Google for the work they do.. Especially the pigeon ranking system that they use in their search engine... I've never tried an android cell-phone so i do not know if it would be better than an iPhone client... In addition, I believe iPhone has a better following than the android in terms of numbers at least... I've just downloaded the latest releases of tekzilla in my college... Have lots of work to do!!!! I also would like to state here that if an android client gets selected ahead of the iPhone as part of GSoC,then I would like to work in the summer making an iPhone client for the dreamwidth project as I definitely would like to use dreamwidth on my iPod Touch even if its not sponsored by Google:P. I'm sure the mentors will help me on this front. I've started learning openCV for one of my search engine projects and I've really fallen in love with the library! I never knew that one could do so much with C and C++.
Hmm... Today seems to be a fine day except for the tiring classes,I think it was a great day... I had made a few sketches about the planned iPhone client that I had wished to implement... I had submitted it to both denise and Mark.. Denise had actually approved it and gave me a thumbs up I believe... Having quite some experience with the iPhone application did actually help... The dreamwidth engine is actually great... The mobile client if designed properly should be an instant hit... I'm also interested in few other designs for the iPhone project... let me see ways in which I can share it with the community...
Hi my fellow friends out there. This is my first day at dreamwidth and I'm greatly excited. I'm actually planning to make an iPhone client for the dreamwidth project as part of the GSOC project. I'm trying to work with all the features available at dreamwidth so that I could get a better grasp of things. I have the experience of creating a few iPhone applications before and I'm greatly interesting in working on this project as I think I could get better grasp of how perl works. I'm not going to lie. I'm new to perl but I'm fluent with PHP,javascript,jQuery,AJAX and XML. I've got myself a book on perl where I planning to understand the basics. But the iPhone client will not be all about perl as it would involve only using web-services a lot.
Hoping to getting comments from you guys. have a great day!!!



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