Apr. 6th, 2010

Hmm... Today seems to be a fine day except for the tiring classes,I think it was a great day... I had made a few sketches about the planned iPhone client that I had wished to implement... I had submitted it to both denise and Mark.. Denise had actually approved it and gave me a thumbs up I believe... Having quite some experience with the iPhone application did actually help... The dreamwidth engine is actually great... The mobile client if designed properly should be an instant hit... I'm also interested in few other designs for the iPhone project... let me see ways in which I can share it with the community...

Oh my God:(

Apr. 6th, 2010 04:01 pm
I was just reading through the reading page as usual:) I did read mark's journal which gave me goosebumps in my stomach...Only 6 applicants for the GSOC project.. That surely is a really small number...:( Anyways its a start and I think one must try to put the best application possible... Well even if I don't get selected, I'm happy that I discovered this site. I've been never into social networking... But this project gave me a strong liking for the so-called social media and I'm happy that things have improved:)..



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